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Saijo Denki develops GPS Inverter in preparation for the 4.0 era

GPS Inverter can be said to be superior to other Inverter air conditioners with the application of all 3 technologies, GPS + IoT + Inverter together. GPS technology is the technology that allows us and air conditioners to know their coordinates. IoT is the In-ternet of Things. The ability to make the air conditioner connect to the Internet and the inverter is the best energy saving technology.


Saijo Denki delighted with the Japanese media's interest in inverter technology.

Japan is one of the leading industrial countries with technological innovation, which focuses on product quality, production quality and technology. Japan is a country with very high quality standards, so it is most difficult to import air conditioners because there are strong domestic manufacturers that have production bases in both countries with production experience, techno- logy is developing long-lasting and international production base that has low wages around the world. Saijo Denki is the first Thai company to sell air conditioners with high quality products with intelligent inverter technology until Japanese people accept for the first time. It is also a pleasure for the Thai people that Saijo Denki's products have been accepted by a large newspaper that is widely popular in Japan such as Nikkei Shimbun. That has been posted about the innovation of intelligent inverter technology by Saijo Denki

According to the Thai Rath newspaper, March 13, 2015
URL: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/486539

Who are we?

Saijo Denki is one of the top air conditioner brands in Thailand which was established in Osaka, Japan in 1987 by a collaboration between Mr. Somsak Chittipalangsri and Mr.Harada Senior by striving to develop air conditioning industry in Thailand to be comparable to foreign coun- tries by inventing energy-saving innovations and air purification systems to be outstanding, until having more than 50 patents, such as GPS Inverter which uses IoT technology to apply Smartphone to the machine Inverter air conditioner, air purifier, ozone and air purifier ozone Turbo A.P.S that brings germicidal technology used in the operating room in the home air.


Is the most recognized and praised air conditioner company.


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Commitment to develop product quality to be accepted by the highest consumers.

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Dedicated to continuously developing professional competency of employees and continuously improving the quality of life of employees.

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Determined to give back to the society by the maintenance of religion, education, research and development of the country.